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Tenergy HID Flashlight Reviews

Tenergy offers a number of different HID flashlight offerings, in 10W, 24W, and 35W bulbs.  These flashlights offer Li-Ion batterys and a cradle for easy recharging.

Tenergy lights fall in the middle of the pack in terms of build quality and price, striking a good value in their respective wattages.  They lack the build quality of the premium HID flashlights, but are a good compromise if you are looking for maximum light output in a cost effective package.  The rechargable batteries are a nice touch, making it easy and cost effective to have these mounted for regular use.

The closest competitor to the Tenergy lights are the AE lights.  Between the two, the AE lights are a bit higher quality and have more accessories, but the Tenergy HID flashlights are lower priced.  Depending what you are looking for, either are good choices.










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