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  Stanley HID Flashlight


Stanley HID Flashlight Review


The Stanley HID spotlight, in my opinion, offers quite a bit of performance for the money. It uses a 35W HID bulb, driven by a lead-acid battery. This is good for about 30-35 minutes of runtime. What impresses me, though, is the price - it sells for about $70!


  For the pricepoint, the combination of quality, features, and light output of the Stanley HID Spotlight is hard to beat.  In fairness, though, it is really a different type of product than your typical HID flashlight.  The enclosure is predominantly plastic.  It uses a lead acid battery instead of more energy-dense battery technology.  And most notibly, the size is significantly larger than the competitors.  In exchange, you get all the power of a HID flashlight for an incredible price.  If you are willing to accept that tradeoff, it's an incredible amount of light output for the money!






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