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  Polarion Helios HID Flashlight


Polarion Helios HID Flashlight Review


If you want the best HID flashlight that money can buy, then you want a Polarion Helios.


The Polarion Helios has it all:  Incredible power (40W!), small size, amazing build quality.  You get more light output than just about any other HID flashlight on the market, in a rugged package that is about the smallest on the market.  If you are familiar with Polarion, then you know that build quality is professional-grade.

There's only one minor problem keeping this light out of the hands of millions of happy users - the price.  It's REALLY expensive.  Many times more expensive than your typical HID flashlight, which is almost as bright and still hand-carryable.  For most users, it's just too much of a stretch.  But if you are in te military, law enforcement, or just like using the best, the Polarion Helios HID flashlight is hard to beat.






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