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AE Light HID Flashlight Reviews

AE light offers a wide variety of HID flashlights, available in different wattages and even some with explosionproof ratings.  Most sport Lithium Ion batterys, and a number of different accessories are available.

AE lights are middle-of-the-pack in terms of quality and featuresets.  Expect to see much better waterproofing, heat-treated lenses, and better optics than you will fing on the low end of the market.  While many models exist, the two I favor are listed below. 

The AE HID flashlights compete most closely with Tenergy flashlights.  AE lights have slightly better build quality and a wide number of available features... but you'll pay slightly more for the privilidge.  Overall, AE HID flashlights are a great overall value and a solid choice.









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