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HID flashlights put incredibly bright light in the palm of your hand.  Brighter than a normal flashlight or even typical seachlights, HID flashlights are as bright as a car headlight in a compact, battery powered package.  The are the brightest off-the-shelf battery technology you can buy. Read on for information and reviews of HID flashlights and technology.

How HID Flashlight Technology Works

HID, or High Intensity Discharge, is a state-of-the-art technology similar to fluorescent or flash-bulb technology, where an arc is established between two tungston filaments in a gas-filled tube which causes a metallic vapor to light up. The light produced is automitically in the visable range, eliminating the need for phosphors.

Ballasts and Warm-Up Time

Like florescent technology, HID flashlights have special electrical requirements that must be supplied by a ballast. The ballast is designed for the exact lamp type and wattage being used. In addition, HID lamps require a warm-up period to achieve full light output. Even a momentary loss of power can cause the system to restrike and have to warm up again. Generally speaking, the older the lamp technology, the longer the warmup. Most people don't want to wait 2-3 minutes for their flashlight to work... so that that into consideration when selecting a HID flashlight. D1S lamps are the newest technology available, with igniter circuitry integrated into the bulb.

The benefits of HID over Xenon, LED, and Incandescent Flashlights

The biggest advantage of HID is extremely high light output at a comparitively low power consumption. Given the constraints of a handheld flashlight, these are big advantages! To put it into comparison, a 35 Watt HID flashlight puts out about 3 times as much light as a 55 Watt halogen bulb at almost half the power. LED technology is also low power (and actually more effecient on a lumen/watt basis), but lacks the sheer overall output of a HID bulb. For the brightest flashlight in the smallest size, HID is the best choice.


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